A Church that listens: contemplation

“A gaze that brings out the beauty in others”

  • We commit ourselves to place the Word of God at the centre of our daily living and our pastoral approach.
  • The strengthening of Biblical Ministry in order to assist each ecclesial entity to integrate the Word in all their pastoral work.
  • Making more Biblical digital resources available.
  • The exegesis of the Emmaus pericope to be made available in different formats.

PERSONS: Malta Biblical Society; Patristic Society; Doctrinal Commission

  • To nurture a sense of trust that we grow as missionary disciples.
  • An active listening, especially by Bishops, that facilitates communication and communion in particular with children and youths. 

PERSONS: The Bishops; the Diocesan Commission for Children; MCYN.

  • Mutual listening to grow in our common mission as Church in Malta. A platform of reciprocal listening in which representatives of God’s People (see Chapter 5) identify together:
    • the opportunities and the challenges in the various fields of the Maltese Church’s mission;
    • the qualities and the charisms that we are called to share with each other;
    • new ways to approach the challenges and the opportunities.

PERSONS: The Vicar General with all the relevant Commissions

  • Priests are to be trained in discernment and spiritual direction.

PERSONS: Vicariate for the Clergy and the Parishes; College of Parish Priests.

  • A contemplative attitude that leads to a reading of the signs of the times in daily life and in society.
  • An incessant listening attitude towards reality so that we identify how and where we are being called to be light, salt and leaven in Maltese society.

PERSONS: The Bishops; Discern; Justice and Peace Commission; Vicariate for Diakonia

  • The founding of a Poverty Observatory in collaboration with other entities that work in the social field within the civil society.

PERSONS: Vicariate for Diakonia and Caritas in collaboration with Discern.