A Church that goes forth: mission as service

“We bring His gaze upon the world”

  • We raise awareness, in parishes and other communities, about the calling we have all received towards missionary discipleship as concrete works of service or diakonia. Our communities are to become more open to the peripheries and to vulnerable persons so that there is a common effort in promoting human life and human dignity in light of the Gospel.

PERSONS: Vicariate for Diakonia; Presbyteral Council; Pastoral Diocesan Council; College of Parish Priests.

  • Advocacy (from diakonia to justice):
    • In conjunction with Civil Society, the Church identifies the ways in which human dignity is being weakened and creates new initiatives that address the root causes of poverty (attitudes, training and decisions).

PERSONS: Vicariate for Diakonia; Caritas; Justice and Peace Commission.

  • New initiatives at the service of those who are most needy, and in collaboration with professional entities and Civil Society, are to be duly considered (St Michael’s Hospice, which offers palliative care, and Dar Papa Franġisku, which takes care of the homeless, are examples of such initiatives). The Church can thus focus on initiatives for the neediest instead of other operations which are already being well catered for by the State and the private sector.
  • We reflect on how the Church shares the same hopes and the same concerns as the rest of the Maltese population. We interpret local current happenings in the light of the Gospel and propose paths that reinforce Christians and those of good will in ethical decision making and political formation which upholds honesty, integrity, justice and good governance.

PERSONS: Commission for Justice and Peace; Commission for the Environment.

  • We identify what is not bearing fruit in our ministry that we dispense with it and renew.

PERSONS: Every Church entity

  • Training in creativity for mission so that we cease to be afraid of taking risks and we overcome pessimism and false prudence. Parishes to be evangelised by those who work with the poor and those who are already going forth to evangelise.

PERSONS: Every Church entity. Diocesan Commission for Sports; Catholic Action Youths; MCYN.

  • A small team that analyses the current reality and consequently delivers proposals toward a relevant Christian digital presence. To include a vision for every Christian which guides him/her into becoming an authentic witness and which also comprises a guide for Church structures.

PERSONS: Communications Office; Beacon Media; Vicariate for Evangelisation.

  • The Church in Malta has had and still maintains an important presence in the educational sector through its own schools and also within State and Independent schools. However, the new realities in the cultural context (students from different cultures, different religions, changes in the reality of families, the new challenges pertaining to the life lived in faith) are demanding a renewed perspective as to how the Church is to approach these realities and how best to serve the mission.

PERSONS: Secretariat for Catholic Education; Spiritual Development in Schools.

  • Retreats to be proposed in Advent and Lent for employees who work in Church institutions.
  • New proposals of dialogue with the Art and Music worlds for those who are in the process of spiritual seeking.

PERSONS: KSMR; Forum of Lay Movements