Being renewed as one Church

The Commitments of the Archdiocese 2020–2024

Following a process of consultation with the faithful, including the participants at the Diocesan Assembly 2019, and inspired by the vision explained in Part I of One Church, one journey, the Archdiocese of Malta is committing itself to initiating processes that will help sustain the efforts of every ecclesial community in Malta.

The focus is on the fourfold mission entrusted to the local church: a church that listens, that welcomes, that accompanies, that goes forth.

Each of the key dynamics is necessary for the People of God in Malta to enculturate the Gospel more deeply. However, for each year, personally and communally, we will focus on one “verb” to grow in our missionary discipleship.

We are all invited to ponder every step of the eightfold process from the encounter with Christ, to learning how to discern in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • These two foundations for being Church in Malta, will be the special focus of the first months of the process, throughout 2020. Each ecclesial entity will live the process according to its particular charism and within its specific context.
  • A Church that listens… to the Word, to one another, and to our social reality; will be the focus of 2021.
  • A Church that accompanies and therefore engages in ongoing Christian formation from cradle to tomb; will be the focus of 2023.
  • A Church that goes forthand becomes a more authentic prophetic light, but also hidden salt and life‑giving leaven in our land; will be the focus of 2024.
  • Finally, at the Diocesan Assembly 2024 we will seek to remember God’s gestures of mercy, to savour all ecclesial graces received, and to pray for signs to recognise where God will be calling his Church in Malta to continue her witness of the Good News. The Diocesan Assembly 2024 will launch a new process of “going forth” to respond to the times.

From 2020‑2024, the Diocesan Assembly will be an opportunity to strengthen the sense of “One Church” on “one journey” and thus to renew our commitment towards missionary discipleship by listening, welcoming, accompanying and going forth.