HopeGen, a one-year project by the Justice and Peace Commission and the Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN), has been launched to empower young people with the tools and capacity to actively contribute to building a more just and fair society.

Through HopeGen, the Church in Malta is committed to nurturing a generation of young people with the hope that they will become active and responsible citizens. This commitment includes addressing various challenges, injustices, and uncertainties prevalent in today’s world. The training for around 15 participants will be provided through talks, workshops, speeches by experts, group discussions and the creation of awareness campaigns.

During the launch, Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi praised the initiative of HopeGen and expressed gratitude to the Justice and Peace Commission and MCYN for this project. He emphasised that HopeGen is a significant contribution of the Church in Malta for individuals who aspire to engage in politics and Maltese society guided by human values that promote goodness. Bishop Galea-Curmi encouraged the participants to familiarise themselves with the Church’s Social Teaching, urging them to refer to the original sources and not solely rely on information from social media.

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Former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and former Minister Evarist Bartolo shared their thoughts on the current challenges facing our country. They emphasised the danger of succumbing to cynicism, which leads to staying away from public life, urging the importance of remaining engaged in politics.

Two HopeGen participants, Juanita Galea and Matthew Grech, highlighted the danger of letting fear stop us and change our thinking and perception of reality. They underscored the need for politicians to adhere to their principles while fostering open dialogue.

HopeGen is the result of ‘One Church, One Journey’ a four-year process undertaken by the Church in Malta. The primary objective of disseminating the values and principles embraced by the Church to a broader audience through innovative initiatives.

More details can be obtained at hopegen.church.mt.

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